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“Breaking the rules when necessary!”

Most dogmatically believed design methods originally were established for practical reasons and often are children of the time they were formulated. They are results of then contemporary knowledge, technology and the socio-economic environment. 


As time passes the original ideas/concepts behind the rules and regulations are often forgotten or have deviated into an end in themselves abandoning the ideas of their originators or have simply become obsolete. 


Updating outdated beliefs and finding fresh approaches to problem solving have to be constantly sought and established to prevent a system from becoming too rigid, inefficient or even tyranically nonsensical.


Never before was it possible to create brand experiences in such depth and opulence today’s technology makes possible. VR, AR and a total connection via web applications make communication more complex than ever. It holds the key to limitless possibilities.

Creating strategies that make use of the potentials and building an environment which is based the target audience’s needs will lead to success. 

We focus on radically re-thinking communication & design strategies based on a client’s needs. We break the rules when necessary. There is no stopping progress!

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Peter Wood | Designer

about woodoo design

Woodoo Design was founded by Peter Wood in 2011 after nearly working a decade in the design and entertainment industry from tech based start ups to leading well established design agencies.

Today Peter works as a freelance specialist who focuses on non dogmatic and innovative approaches to design based on state of the art findings of the sciences and technology in order to get different angles and viewpoints for the best possible design solutions.  

For more complex jobs it is possible to assemble a team of specialists from various fields (branding, design, advertising, psychology, engineering, artists, muscicians etc.) in order to get the best possible results.



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