simplicity is flexibility

Solving complex design challenges utilizing a reduced and flexible visual system without losing the fundamental brand essence.

each and every design element being extremely valuable in a highly reduced branding system needs to be meaningful and directly linked to the core values of a brand.

A simple and flexible visual-toolkit holds the key to limitless possibilities. In itself it represents the nucleus of a brand identity. The challenge here lies in how to make these few permutable elements really matter. Just being simple will produce arbitrary design hierarchies – templates with no further meaning in themselves. Suitable visual codes need to be extracted from a brand’s core values and translated into meaningful, yet striking identity elements. One can build outstanding brand visibility and recognition by sticking to a few selected and repeated elements establishing a consistent brand-pattern. Clearly defined design-elements will also help staying flexible across different environments without losing identity. Optimally the system is also scalable in order to fit possible future requirements or modifications and therefore can grow with a brand. It only needs to undergo maintenance periodically to be up to date.