What We Do

dePTH analysis -
understanding a brand

This is a phase of in-depth brand analysis based on current state of the art strategic and psychological methods. This establishes the necessary fundament for creative processes. In it’s process the core values, frames, drivers and need states are researched and defined. 

main Tools:

  • brandOCEAN

  • brandLAB

  • collectiveMIND

  • brandBEACON

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Playful Involvement - Workshops, kick offs, fundamentals

Wether kicking off a new project, trying to find fresh solutions or relaunching an existing product or service, everything starts with playful involvement. In this phase specilaists from different backgrounds come together and share their input and ideas to make sure fresh and innovative ideas are crafted.

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immersive experiences –
fluid design development across channels

Once a design strategy is set up and a team of professionals is compiled the creative design process can begin. It is crucial that the design system’s desired flexibility is defined right at the beginning to make sure all puzzle parts lock into each other harmoniously. Each communication channel works differently and has specific mandatory requirements that have to be met.

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